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Best RPG Video Games with Female Protagonists

3. Commander Shepard (Mass Effect) Commander Shepard is a woman who is trying to save humanity From the Reapers. She needs to form a team of the most powerful beings in the galaxy to launch an ultimate suicide mission against the reaper threat. However, she needs her team to be able to trust and follow […]

Best Joker Actors of All Time

1. Mark Hamill Mark Hamill came on to the role of The Joker back in 1992 with Batman The Animated Series and since then he has become the iconic and quintessential voice of the character. His voice embodies the range of expressions that the character emotes ¬†from sinister all the way up to silly and […]

Uncharted vs Tomb Raider: What’s the best treasure hunting adventure game?

1. Storytelling Because “Uncharted” highlights planned set pieces instead of open-world elements, its storytelling has been tighter than ever. For nearly a decade, we’ve uncovered the intriguing mystery behind Nathan Drake. We know his history, we know his motivations and we know why his job puts him in situations to betray others and to be […]