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The Last of Us or Telltale’s The Walking Dead?

In my opinion, The Last of Us’s  dialogue didn’t feel believable. It felt kinda like a movie that was trying to be realistic, if that makes sense. The Walking Dead was more like how I’d imagine people behaving in the apocalypse. They didn’t go overboard with making any of its character ‘badasses'(Molly came hella close […]

Kingdom Hearts: The Best Video Game Franchise Ever

There’s a quality to it that can’t be explained. The worlds can only be described as magical, the characters are timeless and the story, although just typical Japanese craziness, is beautiful to behold. Its a package that is much more than the sum of its parts and it gives me a feeling of wonder and […]

Video Games: How to craft a Masterpiece

There are some fantastic video games out there that figure out ways to tell amazing stories, have unique gameplay and invoke emotion.The vast majority of games toss all of those elements out the window in favour of action. Although gameplay is very important, story is the most important element of gaming. Some of the best […]

The Most Legendary Video Game Trilogy of all time: The Batman Arkham Trilogy

It began in 2009 inside the claustrophobic corridors of a madhouse and ended in 2015 on a rainy night in Gotham City, and in the six years in between, Rocksteady changed the face of gaming with the Batman: Arkham trilogy. Spread across three titles and two console generations, the studio had the unenviable task of taking […]

HBO’s Game of Thrones is overrated

Good Guys ALWAYS Lose I keep hearing how this series is a “breath of fresh air” where Martin isn’t afraid to kill off his main characters and that in “real life”, the good guys don’t always win etc etc. This is true. In real life, the bad guys win some and the good guys win […]

The Dark Knight Rises is overrated, but not only that, it’s full of poor logic and outright contradictions. Including… (deep breath):

1.Pacing of the story was horrible. It felt like watching a 3-hour long trailer where dialogue is delivered at a snap pace and given no time to sink in. 2. Despite this fast pace to get all this story crammed in there are at least a good 5-10 minutes of time wasted showing Batman on […]

Avatar: The Legend of Korra is disappointing

Avatar: The Last Airbender is my number-one favorite television show of all time, and not just in animation. It had incredible writing, beautiful animation, and characters that stuck with us when we saw those tragic words “The End.” So when I heard about The Legend of Korra, I was nervous. Spinoffs are more likely to fail than […]