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The 11 Best Games Ever Made ( this is a little boys , opinion it is not official metacritic is official )

1. Batman Arkham City 2. Spider-Man Web of shadows 3.Skyrim 4.Shadow of the Colossus 5.Kingdom hearts 2 6. Little Big  Planet  2 7.Batman  Arkham Asylum 8. Sam and Max The Devils play house 9. Star Wars the force unleashed 10.Nightmare Before  Christmas : Oogies revenge 11. God Of War Advertisements

Weird Ratings for Games and Movies

1. Did you know that Spider-Man 2 got a better rating than Avengers? Ridiculous! Avengers was at least 10 times better just for Hulk smashing Thor!(my dad said it not me.) 2. Did you know  game chronicles gave spider-man web of shadows  96 out of 100? (fair rating.Not weird but very cool) 3.Did you know […]


Buy Batman Arkham Asylum Now!

Arkham City is the sequel to Arkham Asylum. Some people forgot to buy or did not know about Arkham Asylum. Buy Arkham Asylum now and face Gothams most dangerous criminals including Joker-Bane!

DeathSpank goes sailing

Renegade Dad post! Ha Ha SurreyGamer! Dad spent hours listening to the rambling of DeathSpank on the blue seas of Thongs of Virtue Avast Matey! Chicken Island Ahoy!

The Dark Knight glides over Arkham!

In Batman Arkham Asylum glide over Arkham as Gothams most dangerous criminals destroy Arkham Asylum. The dark knight must defeat the Joker and once again lock up the criminals of    Gotham in Arkham Asylum.

1st post !

SurreyGamer’s very first post. Let’s start on the right note. Now, who’s the dangerous psycho one? It’s the guys (or girls) who voted against Arkham for game of the year!